The Ultimate Guide to Physical Therapy Podcasts

Below is a comprehensive list of Physical Therapy podcasts that I compiled and originally posted on Reddit (r/PhysicalTherapy).



Ask Mike Reinold Show

Host – Mike Reinold

Answers questions about Physical Therapy, fitness, strength, conditioning, sports performance, baseball, business, and career advice


BJSM (British Journal of Sports Medicine)

Hosts – Several

Provides original research, reviews, and debate relating to clinically-relevant aspects of sport and exercise medicine


The Cash-Based Practice

Host – Jerod Carter

Covers all components of starting or transitioning into the out-of-network/private-pay business model for private PT practice


The Duck Legs Podcast

Hosts – Jared Aguilar, Tyler Adams, Dy'mire Jones

Dives beneath the surface to learn the tools and traits that give PT professionals the mindset to overcome challenges and thrive


Evidence in Motion Podcast 

Hosts – Jeff Moore, John Childs, Larry Benz

Provides cutting-edge programs, research, resources, and training to the world’s community of practicing rehab professionals


Healthcare DisruPTion

Hosts – Jerry Durham, Andrew Rothschild

Aims to move healthcare forward with discussion around cutting-edge thoughts, books, examples, and interviews


Healthcare Education Transformation

Hosts – Brandon Poen, F. Scott Feil

Helps PTs and other healthcare providers who want to transition to education and how to be effective educators


Healthy, Wealthy, and Smart

Host – Karen Litzy

Features top experts in health, wellness, and business to provide you with the best information to live a healthy and pain-free life


NAF Physio Podcast

Host – Adam Meakins

Critical critique, dubious debate, and quirky questions with lots of bad language


Pain Reframed 

Hosts – Jeff Moore, Tim Flynn

Provides insights on how we can manage pain in a more efficient and effective way


Pain Science and Sensibility

Hosts – Sandy Hilton, Cory Blickenstaff

Current research and interviews covering wide array of topics in pain science


The Physical Therapy Business School Podcast

Host – Paul Gough

Helps great PTs become successful business owners


Physio Matters

Host – Jack Chew

Musculoskeletal and sports medicine information for those working in PT and sports rehabilitation


PT Inquest

Erik Meira, JW Matheson

Discusses an article and its application to physical therapy practice every week



Host – Jeff Moore

Takes on a wide variety of business and clinical topics in physical therapy for 15 minutes each day


PT Pintcast

Host – Jimmy McKay

Brings together clinicians, researchers, and forward-thinking physical therapists to discuss current topics in physical therapy... over beer


PT Tech Talk

Host – Dave Kittle, Rob Vining

Discusses current topics in physical therapy and technology


Senior Rehab Podcast

Host – Dustin Jones

Speaks with industry leaders to draw out useful, practical information for rehab clinicians serving older adults


Therapy Insiders

Hosts – Gene Shirokobrod, Erson Religioso, Joe Palmer

Dissects relevant information from experts in physical therapy to get to the core of what is useful in the clinical setting


Two Knowbodies Talking

Hosts – Eric Dykstra, Will Butler, Nick Bracciante

Provides useful and educational content through interviews and friendly discussion to create a healthier society


Untold Physio Stories

Hosts: Various

Connects you to rehab industry leaders, sharing their candid successes and failures in business and practice


The Voice of the Patient

Hosts – Dave Reed, Zach Stearns

Aims to change lives and improve healthcare through truly listening to the voice of the patient

SnapSPT's Choice...

A good place to start your podcast journey

  PT on ICE

What began as a daily Periscope livestream evolved into a trusted resource and engaging community for thousands of PTs, PTAs, and students.

Tune into the daily livestream, hosted on Facebook by Jeff Moore et al.