Population Health

SnapSPT discussing prevention and population health. 

"We need to show people that we value movement just as much as we say we do."

Optimize Movement. Prevent Injury. Improve Quality of Life.

Movement Alliance, Inc. provides evidence-based movement-specific counseling to empower coaches and teachers with the knowledge necessary to maximize performance and prevent injury for those they serve.

Movement Alliance is a registered and tax-exempt California 501(c)3 Non-Profit Corporation founded and led by Doctor of Physical Therapy Students from the University of Southern California and an Advisory Board of Doctors of Physical Therapy and Board Certified Specialists.

What we do:

We connect Physical Therapists with their community to spearhead prevention from a movement-science perspective.

We provide free, evidence-based consultative services to local coaches and teachers of youth sports, dance, and other organizations.


Why we do it:

The concepts of team-work, inclusion, advocacy, and community service are at the heart of Movement Alliance. These values are founded on the conviction that quality health-care services are at their best when they are made equally available to all people irrespective of socioeconomic status, culture, age, race, religion, gender orientation, present/past medical history, or state of mental health. Our dream and goal is to provide these services for free across the board, to any who need it, when they need it.